Rules & Regulations (Market Place)


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    Rules & Regulations (Market Place)

    Post by Admin on Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:50 pm

    Dear Members,

    All products placed on this forum are the responsibility of the respective advertisers and are not endorsed by SG Car Palace . Under no circumstances should SG Car Palace be held liable for any damages/conflicts/monetary loss that may arise from the use of services/products.

    This Thread is meant for members who are selling away their Personal Used/2nd hand items/brand new (single piece).

    Please take note that if your items are sold, you are advised to edit your header with the word (SOLD).Thread left unattended for 1 month will be locked. Please take note.

    If you have more then one items for sales and have a thread still open for other items ,kindly group them into one thread, multiple thread found will be deleted without notice. Repeated offender will have their account warned/banned/removed without notice.

    This forum is only for automotive products. Non automotive products will be deleted or moved. Please take note.

    Rules and regulations may be subject to future changes without any prior notice. Any posting deemed not compliant with the forum rules will be given 1st light reminder. Repeated violation will result in their removal of your posting.

    For Merchants & Freelance Sellers, you are only allowed to post your Services/Products over at the Business Directory forum, anyone found posting their Services/Products outside of the Business Directory forum, your post will be deleted without notice. Repeat offender will have their account warned/banned without notice. Please take note.

    Only approved Merchant are allowed to post their business web address, if you do not have a Merchant account with us, you are not allowed to post your business website address. Any such posting found, your thread will be deleted without notice.

    To Advertise in the Business Directory forum, please kindly visit our business directory forum for more information.



    SG Car Palace

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    Re: Rules & Regulations (Market Place)

    Post by kyheng on Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:59 pm

    Just to add some in order to avoid all the potential trouble arise during a buy/sell transactions.
    As a buyer :
    1. Always ask for more details like age, condition of the item
    2. Always ask for actual photo of the item
    3. Try to complete the transcation face to face
    4. If cannot complete transcation face to face then trust among each other is very important and vital
    5. If buying online from Ebay or other auction sites, check for the seller review details

    As a seller :
    1. Try to state the items detail as much as possible
    2. If got online manual, please provide or link it
    3. State clearly on T&C on how to complete a transcation

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    Re: Rules & Regulations (Market Place)

    Post by Micquek on Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:50 pm

    Ok noted

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    Re: Rules & Regulations (Market Place)

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